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We are able to provide specific advice to help you start a business and improve your business through the long term. Our team of experts from different fields is able to optimize all aspects of modern business and improve the visibility of companies in the market. In addition to business consulting, our team can offer company representation services to our clients who are just starting out in Slovenia and are not permanently present in Slovenia.

Regardless of the type of industry, project management, which is a core set of modern business skills and knowledge, has become one of the most important business success tools for businesses today. Our goal is to provide start-ups and medium size companies with complete project management and business organization services.

The market situation requires that any modern company has a certain level of project management approach in business and people who can execute it. Regardless of whether they seek to retain their positions or have an imperative to grow, companies face difficulty managing their business and resources. Often the insight into the state of entire business is difficult, and the business itself is chaotic. Classical organization and dispersed business data do not provide timely information for management at both strategic and operational levels. Untimely information, in today’s environment, is usually information that can be easily followed by a bad business decision.

Enterprise-level consulting and project management enable the executive management and each organizational unit to have an effective orientation and to execute projects that are in line with the company’s strategic goals. Companies that use these principles are able to significantly reduce operating costs while increasing productivity, and to achieve competitive advantages by faster return on investment in projects.

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Matija Fontana

Matija Fontana

Matija has many years of experience in the market in running various start-ups, in representing international companies in Southeast Europe, and in numerous projects in the fields of real estate, marketing and consumer electronics.

As one of the pioneers of the concept of Virtual Office in Croatia, he spearheaded the idea of a new and modern way of doing business through the concept of virtual organizations that significantly reduce business costs and increase flexibility. This method of doing business significantly reduces the company’s exposure to constant changes in the market. Virtual companies expand and differentiate their knowledge according to market needs. The result is wall-free companies that act as collaborative networks of groups of people not bound to a particular location.

Denis Delogu

Denis Delogu

Denis brings more than 20 years of business experience to the company. Denis is the co-founder and CEO of several companies in the field of project management, education and sales, companies from both the sectors of construction and hotels and tourism.

Having gained significant international experience in various projects in Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Serbia and Croatia, he focused on organizational and financial aspects of company development and the operations of companies to provide the best and most favourable business solutions that meet the needs of clients. He was also a guest lecturer, with various topics, at prominent Croatian universities and various professional conferences. He is enthusiastic about developing new strategies, working in a team and boosting personal and professional growth.

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